Boris Bike Hire

So the cost of hiring a bike in central London is set to double?

Got to say, that while it is a laudable way to encourage people to exercise, and perhaps take a few car journeys of London’s busy streets, the bikes themselves seem less than impressive.

I certainly wasn’t, when I tried one out.


When we buy a new PC from most retailers, or indeed many manufacturers (Dell, for example), they’re full of unwanted software?

I understand that some software might possibly be useful to someone just starting out with a computer, but for many people, myself included, I simply don’t need it.

Many of the programs are time-limited or versions with limited functionality. It can take a few hours to remove it all, with numerous reboots.

Why oh why, can’t there be options to have a new PC without all this unwanted crap?

Less Hard Sell

So from December 1, 2012, Barclays will change their staff bonus scheme from sales based to customer service based. I rarely have cause to go into my bank (been at least a year since I did last), and I seldom find a need to call them, but whenever I have had to, I’ve been inundated with the hard sell for a multitude of products that I don’t want.

I never believe in keeping all my eggs in one basket, certainly where finance is concerned. I like to spread my assets, and indeed my risks too.